FaceTime Sex, How Hard is it? Literally.

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Brought to you by the innovators at Couply, this guide is your companion in navigating the nuances of virtual lovemaking, ensuring an unforgettable online encounter. Whether you're bridging distances or seeking a spontaneous thrill, FaceTime sex offers a unique opportunity to connect with your partner in profoundly personal ways. It's about transcending physical boundaries, exploring desires openly, and fostering a deeper emotional connection.

At TEME, we understand that sex transcends physicality; it's an exploration of intimacy, an expression of love, and a means to discover oneself and others. In this context, virtual sex is not just about the act but about creating moments of closeness, regardless of the distance. It's a celebration of mutual desire and the imaginative ways we can stay connected. This guide aims to demystify FaceTime sex, offering practical advice, tips, and inspiration to enhance your experience. Welcome to a space where every form of intimacy is explored, celebrated, and respected.

Embracing the adventure

FaceTime sex can be daunting for some people, especially if you're not too sure how to do it, but that's why I'm here to help you relax, dive right in, and hopefully have the best online sex experience ever. FaceTime sex is great to try when your partner is traveling or as a sexy surprise when you're not together; it's so easy to do and makes you want each other even more. FaceTime sex is not hard at all, although it can be slightly awkward at times or difficult to get into. It's so easy to talk about how you feel and what your fantasies are. That's literally all you have to do: get all sexy, find a spot to have the call, and then talk the way you would during foreplay or start the call speaking the way you would when you’re at a bar about to leave, whispering sexy statements into each other's ears.

Why should you have FaceTime sex?

FaceTime sex has always been great for long-distance couples and couples where someone is always traveling, but FaceTime sex became so common and popular during COVID because any couples that didn't live together basically became long-distance couples. Couples during COVID had to be very creative to keep their sparks going; the most popular things to do were sexting and FaceTime sex. Sexting is the easiest and least personal option; it's just nudes and naughty texts. I could do it without a thought while watching TV, to be honest. FaceTime sex is so much more personal as it’s in real time; you’re seeing each other the whole time, and it's so much easier to connect with one another.

FaceTime sex has a bad wrap of just masturbating on camera, and what's so wrong with that?! Masturbating, especially together, can be such a sexy experience. You and your partner can make it as deep or as casual as you want. That's the fun with FaceTime sex; it's so easy to make it anything you want. Be as loving, as connecting, as filthy, as casual, and as meaningless as you want to be; just have fun.

Tips and tricks to make FaceTime sex more fun

Cameras Can't Lie

Make sure to shave down there, and check everywhere with a mirror if you need to. Cameras show everything so it's best to be prepared! Put on your lingerie and check to see how the camera angles look, and don't forget to tidy up. Wherever you’re having your call, tidy up that space. You don't want them distracted by piles of laundry or a messy couch when you want them focused on you.

Tease them

Build up anticipation at the start of the call; try verbal foreplay or a strip tease. Try not to jump right into masturbating; it can be way more awkward and slower to get things heated up on a call than having sex in person so teasing them and creating a sexy energy between the two of you first is the best way to start.

Sexy Outfits

You can't touch each other, so everything has to be top-tier visually. Wear your sexy lingerie, put some stockings on, and even heels if you want. You want your outfit to do a lot of the talking and jump start the heat in your call. You can try dressing up if you want and do some role-playing over the phone; that's a great way to make the video call as sexy and interesting as possible.

Know your angles

It's hard to know what to do with the camera during FaceTime sex, so practice beforehand, open your camera and try loads of different angles to see what you like best. You can even find somewhere to prop your phone up so during it you can have the camera aimed at you without you having to hold it.

How do I have FaceTime sex?

Have your call in a good location—in your bed, on the sofa, sitting back with your camera propped up—any of these are great. Make sure you’re comfy and in a position you can get heated in, and make sure you look your best and your background is working for you.

Toys or your hands? Either way, choose whatever makes you feel the best. FaceTime sex can be exactly the same as masturbating alone with the bonus of real-time dirty talk, or it can be all about looking and feeling sexy for the other person as well as having fun yourself. Do whatever will make the most of your FaceTime sex; it is about enjoying yourself, not just turning on the other person so they can get off, so make sure you're both having as much fun as possible. Use toys if they're what will get you going the best, or use your hands; both will turn your partner on; they just want to see you enjoying it.

FaceTime Sex can be awkward because it's not as intimate and easy as in-person sex, so don't be discouraged if things are slow or a little awkward. Try laughing any awkward moments off together, or try fully embracing just you and pleasing yourself, and everything will fall into place after that.‍

Since FaceTime sex can be awkward sometimes or sometimes you don't know what to say, here are some things you could say during the call to heat things up or just have a bit of dirty talk.

What to say during FaceTime sex?

Sometimes your mind can go blank when you’re nervous or anxious, or you may just have no idea what to do and say on a FaceTime sex call. Don’t worry! It sounds harder than it is. Have a read of some ideas of what to say and ideas of how to go about dirty talk on the phone.

FaceTime sex means that you need to talk a lot; describing and moaning is the way to go. Here are some ideas to read over in case you need some inspiration:

  1. “I can’t stop thinking about how much I want you right now.”
  2. “I want to see every inch of your body.”
  3. “Tell me about a fantasy you’ve always wanted to try.”
  4. “Show me what you like.”
  5. “Tell me how you like to be touched.”
  6. “I wish I could feel your body against mine right now.”
  7. “You look so sexy right now.”
  8. “Your (specific body part) is driving me crazy.”
  9. “The things I'd do to you if you were here.”
  10. “I wish it was me touching you like that.”
  11. “I'm so wet right now, / I'm so hard right now.”
  12. “I'm so horny for you.”
  13. “Do you know what I'd do to you if I had you underneath me right now?”
  14. “I can’t stop touching myself, thinking of you.”
  15. “Your body is incredible.”
  16. “I get so turned on thinking about your (specific body part)."
  17. “I'm imagining how it would feel to have you inside me right now.”
  18. “I'm going to make you cum so hard.”

Okay, you get the gist!

If you want some extremely dirty examples, just Google some; there are thousands of filthy ideas! It’s all about the way you speak; speak slowly and sexily and describe your fantasies, your thoughts, and what you're doing.

Ask them to show you touching themselves; explain what you want them to do and that you wish you were the one doing it. Ask them what you'd be doing if you were in person together; go into detail together about the sex you'd be having and everything you'd be doing together. It's almost like, if there was a script for porn, then that's what you should be saying. It's tough to get into the headspace of narrating yourself masturbating, but it's easy once you get into it; just remember that everything you're doing is 100x hotter if they hear about it as well as see it. The easiest way for you to speak as much as possible is to fantasize about having sex with them and then describe every moment that you think of in extreme detail. The two of you will bounce off each other and really heat up the conversation.

Be safe on your call

It can be intimidating to take your clothes off and be intimate on camera. Being wary of who you trust online can also be difficult, so always make sure to be safe and try your best to make sure the person you’re having FaceTime sex with is trustworthy. If you’re too wary of being screenshotted or screen recorded, then you can always have FaceTime sex without showing anything, you can stay in your lingerie and just have the camera pointed at your face, just let the talking really do all the work! Don't worry, and never do anything you don't want to do, It’s all about having fun!

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