We exist to nurture the secure exploration and expression of your complete sexual being.

In all of its glory
and complexity,
let’s celebrate
Let’s better understand it, and ourselves.
Because sex isn’t just fulfilling,
it’s key to how we feel fulfilled.
And everyone deserves to feel just that.

Sex is an invitation to be open.
To come exactly as you are.
It’s how we came to be.
It’s how we care for our well-being.
And it’s how we show our love,
to others and ourselves.

Sex is emotional.
Sex is empowering.
Sex is essential.
Sex isn’t just natural.
Sex is human nature.


Founded on a desire to rethink the traditional sex shop experience.

We all know the pornographic, XXX-rated approach to sex shops. The blacked-out windows and secret entrances make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, as well as hush-hush conversations about anything to do with sex. You won't find that here! At TEME, we celebrate sex of all kinds—kinky, passionate, personal, nuanced, exploratory. We educate to build sexual confidence. We break antiquated taboos. We nurture what’s always been core to our sexuality: human connection, curiosity, openness, and, of course, pleasure.

Love yourself first so you can love others fully.


Your companion for sexual wellness education. A collection of articles and conversations from our incredible community of expert contributors.