Are You in a Sex Slump? I Have a Ritual for That

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Written by: Lori Dyan

Everything is energy—even sex. As you become aroused, the sexual energy within you is getting stirred up. And while plenty of factors impact sexual arousal (hormonal fluctuations, relationship issues, and fatigue are just a few), a low libido can often benefit from a ritual or two to get things energetically back on track.

Rituals are spiritual TLC. They offer comfort and reassurance—connecting us to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. When you infuse a habit with meaning and combine it with something that makes you feel good, a ritual is born. And even the simplest rituals can heighten your pleasure, whether on your own or with company.

Rituals, like good sex, begin in the brain. Getting clear on your intention is key to determining the best ritual to support you.

Body Acceptance Rituals

Do you want to be more accepting of your body? Create a ritual that lavishes attention to your body. Transform your evening bath into a luxurious ritual by lighting a few candles, turning on music to match your mood, and adding a few drops of essential oil to the water (lavender and sandalwood are safe—and sensual—bets). Before you immerse yourself for a sensual soak, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Whether reading a book or indulging in a bit of self-love, dedicating this time to yourself is a declaration that you’re worth it.

Intimacy-Enhancing Rituals

Are you craving a deeper level of intimacy with your partner? Schedule a weekly ritual for both of you that focuses on playing together—in and out of the bedroom. A sample month might include hiking in the woods, dancing in your kitchen, riding a roller coaster, and playing strip Pictionary (you could also invite your partner to join you in the ritual bath mentioned above). It really doesn’t matter if private parts make an appearance during these playdates—what counts is the delight that comes from choosing to have fun together.

Clearing Past Energies

What if it’s time to clear your ex’s funky mojo out of your space? Cleanse your home (and yourself) with a smudging ceremony, then write that person an unfiltered goodbye letter to read aloud under a Full Moon before ripping it up and burying it. Sure, this ritual might seem a bit more woo woo than the others, but it’s incredibly healing to perform a ceremony around endings (plus, it makes space energetically for someone new).

The type of rituals you do and how often you do them is limitless. Imbuing your actions with loving intentions ignites the energy within you (sexual or otherwise). When it comes to coming, a little ritual goes a long way.

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