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  •  A black and white image of a couple lying on a bed, partially covered by bed sheets.

    69 Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

    Dive into 69 Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions from Couply to uncover your partner's hidden desires and add a spark to your relationship. This engaging game transforms an ordinary...

  • A woman lying in bed and looking at her phone with a soft smile.

    FaceTime Sex, How Hard is it? Literally.

    Brought to you by the innovators at Couply, this guide is your companion in navigating the nuances of virtual lovemaking, ensuring an unforgettable online encounter. Whether you're bridging distances or...

  •  A plasma globe with pink and purple streams of electricity emanating from a central sphere to the glass surface

    Why Sex Is Good for You, According to Science

    Explore the science of satisfaction with "Why Sex is Good for You, According to Science," brought to you by Couply. This article delves into the health and emotional benefits of...

  • A photo of crossed human legs with tattoos; one tattoo reads "quality" with a diamond, another is a heart with "no fear" written inside, and there's a minimalistic spider-web design on an ankle.

    22 Ways to Have a Mind-Blowing Sex Marathon

    Unlock the secrets to an unforgettable intimate journey with '22 Ways to Have a Mind-Blowing Sex Marathon,' courtesy of our friends at Couply. This essential read, now featured on TEME,...

  • A joyful bald woman with pale skin laughing and touching her face, showcasing multiple tattoos on her arms and a prominent tattoo of a cat on her neck, wearing a light beige t-shirt against a light grey background.

    Streamline Success: 52 Tips for Living your Best Life

    Join Hailey Patry, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker, as she shares her journey from overcoming immense personal challenges to finding true happiness and success. Hailey's story is...

  • A black and white blurred photo of a shirtless man with a beard and mustache, looking directly at the camera with one hand near his chin.

    Are You in a Sex Slump? I Have a Ritual for That

    Written by: Lori Dyan Everything is energy—even sex. As you become aroused, the sexual energy within you is getting stirred up. And while plenty of factors impact sexual arousal (hormonal fluctuations,...

  • A blurred black and white photo of a person with tattoos, captured in motion.

    Desire and Arousal: Do You Know Your Pathway?

    Uncover the two key pathways to desire and learn how to navigate the differences in sexual desire levels with your partner. Dive into the concepts of spontaneous and responsive desire,...


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